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Tiny House Plans To Build A Beautiful House and Comfortable

Posted at June 16, 2017 10:31 by podcaster in Tiny House Decorating Ideas
Tiny House Plans To Build A Beautiful House and Comfortable

People often hold off on serious home decor until they move into their dream house – a house that’s big, spacious, functional, and possesses an infinite range of possibilities for its decoration. But due to a bad economy, postponing marriage and family or a general reluctance to move out of the city and settle in the suburbs, people are choosing to live in smaller homes and apartments for longer, if not indefinitely.

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Just because it’s not your dream home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home. Home decor can go a long way to making your home feel comfortable, inviting and even give the illusion that it is larger than it really is. This guide offers five simple tips that can turn your home from feeling like a confining prison to an airy, lofty dream, no matter how small it is.


Tiny House Colors

Color plays an important role in one’s perception of a room’s size. Light and neutral colors are best for small apartments because it makes a room feel more spacious, while darker colors tend to create a more claustrophobic and constricting feel. Your ceiling should be white as it creates the perception of height. For your walls, stay away from busy and extravagant designs; stick to a solid, light colored walls. Whites, creams, and light neutral colors like light blue are great. Make sure that your furniture also follows this pattern of light or neutral colors.

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Lighting for Tiny House

The reason you want to stick to whites, creams and light neutral colors is because it allows light to reflect off your walls and ceilings, filling the entire room. This creates and airy and lofty feel – giving you the perception that the room is much more spacious than it really is. To accentuate this effect, make use of mirrors which can also add depth and make rooms look longer. Glass and reflective or glossy surfaces also help. Make the most of your windows and natural light – don’t use heavy or dark drapes and curtains.

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Storage For Tiny House

The curse of the small apartment is the lack of space. To remedy this, use multifunction furniture. An ottoman or coffee table that can be used to store things in or perhaps a hide-away bed will reduce the items of furniture you need. Use vacuum bags to store some clothes and build shelves in order to make use of the vertical space. Effective storage skills can reduce the mess and clutter that make your apartment look small.

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Tiny House Floor Plans

Use the same flooring throughout as much of the house as possible. Wooden floors or carpets warm the room up and complement cool colors nicely while tiles lighten up the room even more. Using different floors in different rooms creates abrupt stop-start effects and lessens flow.

Tiny House Accessories

Don’t overdo it. Keep clutter to a minimum and don’t accessories too much. Too much clutter has the effect of shrinking a room’s perceived size. Keep it simple without crazy patterns that clash with each other. With that said, accessories provide you with the opportunity to add some bolder colors to the room and show off your individuality. Have objects that draw people’s attention and provide a strong and critical focal point.

Home decor should be fun and ultimately make your home feel comfortable and homey. These tips should help enhance the size of your small home and provide you with basic guidelines to use space effectively.

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