Victorian Furniture Style Characteristics

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Victorian furniture style may blend effectively inside different kinds of homes, even so they look exceptional inside older Victorian homes.

The Victorian era, that lasted from 1837 to 1901, was the time period inside that Queen Victoria was found on the throne inside England. The creative fashion that has been common throughout her reign became recognised as “Victorian” plus when the fashion had to be described inside 1 word, which word will be “lavish.”

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Antique Victorian furniture style is acknowledged for a number of of its distinctive characteristics including its dark finish, its detailed carvings as well as its total “heavy” appearance. The fashion became popular inside England because which the nation experienced an Industrial Revolution throughout Queen Victoria’s reign. This enabled furniture producers to mass provide the kind of furniture which became prevalent because a happen of the Queen’s fashion needs.

Today, Victorian design furniture remains yielded. But, modern Victorian furniture is not the same because classic Victorian furniture. It is made to resemble the pieces which might have been yielded between 1837 plus 1901. But, really like any additional kind of vintage reproduction, new pieces are less historically extensive.


Victorian designs are recognized for their size. The furniture produced inside this era was big plus bulky. Pieces of furniture from this era were big plus sophisticated – but they were nonetheless artistic.


Most Victorian design classic furniture is dark. Because of the woods selected to create the furniture produced inside England throughout the Victorian era, like walnut plus mahogany, the furniture is naturally dark plus wealthy inside color.


Because there was clearly an commercial revolution throughout the Victorian era plus furniture was capable to be mass yielded, the ability to incorporate complicated carvings to every-day furniture became a fact. The most common carvings included shapes taken from nature – like vegetation plus animals.


Most Victorian design seats included velvet upholstery. If not velvet, another kind of surprisingly lush plus soft information was employed to pay for seat seats to result in the furniture soft plus comfortable. The fabric which accompanied Victorian design furniture was usually dark inside color.

Other Characteristics

Victorian designs frequently included marble sideboards, tassels made from fabric, plus curves inside the lumber, plus low scrolled arm seats.

To the beginner, it may be difficult to differentiate Victorian furniture fashion within the creative designs which came before plus following the Victorian era. It is synonymous to both the Gothic design as well as the Art Nouveau fashion. The mixture of the likability of Victorian fashion as well as the ability to mass provide products were the 2 most crucial factors which contributed to the recognition of the design throughout the reign of Queen Victoria.

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