Retro Interior Design Ideas

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The ideal Interior Decorations Home of 2017, the ” retro ” No modern and sleek shapes, but a reliving of the past. The popularity of the retro look is greatly increased in the last decade and is still popular every year. You can see this among other things, in the visual arts, clothing architecture, music, architecture but certainly in the interior.

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The typical Interior Decorations Home characteristics of the retro look with regard to the furniture, the bright colors in combination with the remarkable design In the lounge chairs this design is characterized by the whole coating in combination with the long, slender legs of wood. The wool lining ensures great comfort in these chairs. The striking knots are very neatly integrated into the chair and the wooden frame is made of lacquered solid beech. Another advantage of this retro chairs is the fact that they are weatherproof.

At the coffee table is made in design back to the 50s. During this period, the kidney-shaped coffee table was very popular. The side table has a glossy green enamel tabletop, which is almost an art form in this creation. The oval shape of this side table provides a stylish and youthful appearance. All in all, this table is a wonderful example of modern vintage, and incidentally also available in different colors.

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The carpet enhances the existing retro influence in this room a little more; this retro rug is hand tufted and also suitable for floors with under floor heating. The carpet is available in different sizes and is made of 100% wool.


You can also see that in this Interior Decorations Home many accessories are present; they provide an appropriate set and the overall appearance of your home complete. The accessories are often admittedly small products, but can have a big impact on the atmosphere of your room.

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Here you can find much more retro products. Also you can find all your supplies here interior, lighting, accessories, furniture and of course for all kinds of offers. These products can be easily ordered on the internet at home and the products are delivered free to your home.

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