Marble Design On The Interior of The House

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Because of the stone’s appeal, many interior designers sway the homeowner into having marble countertops installed in the kitchen and bathroom. As a premium material, marble creates its own aesthetic in a room. The random patterns and colors complement and finalize any modern or traditional setting. Regardless of whether the homeowner installs marble as a countertop, vanity or floor, its uses and benefits for interior design outweigh almost any other quality material.

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History of Marble

Ancient Greeks and Romans prized marble and used it to create elaborate buildings and sculptures. As a malleable stone, builders and sculptors found it easier to cut and form marble into different shapes. In addition, the result always feels smooth and soft, and it holds an unparalleled sheen when maintained regularly. Today, builders continue to use marble for bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops and floor tiles. Some artists find it easier to sculpt with marble than with any other available stone.

Unique Appearance

Marble has even more benefits such as its extreme availability. Homeowners have the choice of ordering marble locally or internationally. Regardless of its origin, each slate of marble offers different characteristics and features. Some marble may exhibit clouded textures with hints of pink and gray tones. However, others may appear more vivid with streaks of blue and purple. In addition, vein length and color vary from each piece of marble, which always yields a unique countertop or floor from home to home.

Durability & Natural Beauty

Despite marble’s softness, it far exceeds the durability and strength of more common kitchen and bathroom countertops. In addition, marble offers an almost heat-resistant surface. While the stone resists fire, extreme temperatures may damage its surface. The heat does not burn the stone, but it does permanently alter its color. As a porous stone, marble collects stains far easier than other materials. Its malleability also leads to visible scratches if not cared for correctly. However, with proper maintenance, marble outlasts almost any other building material used in the home.

Victorian Furniture Style Characteristics

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Even though marble require some maintenance, interior designers and homeowners cannot overlook the stone’s many advantages. Marble’s natural beauty almost requires no additional enhancements. Despite its porous surface, the stone resists stains if cleaned regularly. Marble resists high temperatures in the kitchen, and its shine always gives the impression of a clean, well-maintained room. Because no two pieces of marble display the same characteristics, homeowners always have an exclusive interior design element for their kitchen or bathroom.


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